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Bulldogs – a breed developed from Mastiffs and which acquired their name about 1630 – were also used to bait bears and badgers. Today’s Bulldog is a far cry from its ancestors. It is more heavily built and less athletic than those dogs that were used to torment the bulls.

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To be sure, British Bulldogs are among the cutest of the wrinkly puppies, but all that extra skin will be put to good use as the massive frame of this short, stocky, majestic little pup fills in.

But for several short lapdog months you’ll have plenty of extra skin to rub between your fingertips as you sit on the couch and muse on your wonderful companion, marveling at the size of his mouth and the width of his head and wondering if you should insist on the original “Bolddogge” spelling when filling out his paperwork at the vet (go for it).

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