Toy Poms

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The Toy Pom breed originated in Pomerania. The breed descended from the Spitz breed which was used to herd sheep. Starting off as large dogs, Toy Poms were bred to be smaller over the years.

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Toy Poms are typically black or white. Orange is also a common colour for Toy Poms. This breed is also available in brown, cream and tan. The best way to find a purebred Toy Pom is to buy your dog from a licenced Toy Pom breeder. Your dog should come with documents that prove that it is purebred. If you are unsure of the origins of your dog you can check that it has features that are typical of the Toy Pom breed. Although the appearance of Toy Poms can vary they usually are 13 to 28 centimetres high. They usually have a thick coat and a flat tail which is set high.

Your Toy Pom’s coat should be brushed a minimum of once a week. Although you should brush your dog regularly, don’t brush them too often as this can have an adverse effect on their fur. Clean the eyes and ears of your dog regularly.

To keep your dog happy take it for walks often. Playtime with other dogs is important. Toy poms will also enjoy play time with you and your family.

It is important that your Toy Pom receives outstanding dental care. This breed is known to have problems with their teeth if they are not cared for properly. Clean your dog’s teeth regularly to keep them healthy. It is also advisable to feed your dog dry food as this contributes to healthy teeth. Your dog’s teeth should be checked and cleaned by a vet regularly.

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