Dog Training

Obedience training:

The joy of every dog owner is to have a balanced dog,Pet Planet International training school, we believe every dog must know the basics such as come,sit,stay,down and leave we have competent and experienced trainers who would take your beloved friends through their paces. Register and get your dog on the way to become better.

Dog walking:

At Pet Planet International we understand how hard it is for busy professionals to find time to go exercise their pets,so we came up with a service that does just that for you while you take time to relax,knowing your beloved pets are in good hands.

Protection training:

Dogs have been protecting man for thousands of years,it comes natural to our darling friends.these instincts can be taken and sharpened to any level you so desire that suits your family and personal protection needs.we offer specialized training,narcotics,search and rescue.

Agility training:

Dogs by nature love to work,hence when you take a working dog or an active dog and lock or cage him up,what you end up creating is a dog with behavioral issues that could become destructive. Enroll your dog today and enjoy countless benefits such as harnessing your dogs true potentials and improve on and off leach handling by stimulating him/her physically and mentally,you end up creating a better bond between you and your furry friend for life.

Dog seating :

Let us pamper your pet while you are away for a day or a couple of weeks.we board your dogs in a clean,serene and secure environment we call home away from your dogs have access to our qualified vets 24/7,so you can relax and enjoy your trip,call us today you would be glad you did.

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"We don't have bad dogs .... But bad owners "

PetPlanet International is a unique platform developed to suit your pet's needs.